Wired Cat Leggings and Yoga Pants for Women

Leggings have become quite the wardrobe staple over the years, especially for women. When it comes to this piece of garment, you either love it or hate it. Here at Wired Cat, we definitely love and celebrate leggings! 

Leggings for women have indeed come a long way - from being considered as the get up of choice for lazy, sloppy dressers to a trendy way for celebrities to strut their stuff on the red carpet. Everybody seems to have at least a pair of trusted leggings in their closet nowadays. And why not, when leggings can just be one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you can own. They are functional, comfortable and can even be fashionable when styled the right way. Leggings for women are typically worn for the gym and when exercising outdoors, but there are leggings that are also designed for work and casual wear. With so many styles and designs to choose from, leggings and yoga pants for women are here to stay indeed.

A Brief History of Leggings

Let’s take a quick trip through history to find out how leggings came to be. Whether leggings are indeed pants may be a long standing debate, but the origin of these garments go way, way back to centuries ago.  

And you’ll be surprised who started using them first.  


The first version of the leggings as we know today came about in the land of kilted men - Scotland - during the 14th century. They came in two pieces - one for each leg - and primarily worn by the men. This original version of the leggings resemble cowboy chaps, in that they are secured at the waist. They were for casual wearing as well as used as part of their military dress. These were crafted from various materials including leather and chain mail for leggings included with Scottish armor.  

The 1800's

During the next few centuries, the rest of Europe has warmed up to leggings, although it still remained primarily men’s wear and used as protective clothing or as undergarments. Leggings were particularly popular through the Renaissance period. By the 1900s, it has become globally renowned and women have started to follow suit and adopted the two-piece version of the garment. 

1950’s and 1960’s 

History credits Audrey Hepburn for popularizing the cropped leggings look during the 1950’s. When she donned a pair of slim, waist-hugging capri leggings in Sabrina (1954), many women embraced the style. It was a distinct departure from the previous decade’s wide-leg pants. 


In 1958, chemist Joseph Shivers invented Lycra (spandex) and in the following year, the first lycra leggings were introduced. By the 1960’s, leggings as we know them today have soared in popularity and made camp into women’s territory. The designers of the decade like Emillio Pucci and Mary Quant popularized the use of these tight-fitting stretchy pants by pairing them with modern shift dresses and pumps. 

The 1970’s

When it comes to bottoms, the 70’s was a polarizing era. Many would say that this was the decade of flared pants and that leggings had become a thing of the past. However, thanks to highly popular movies of the time like Grease and Charlie’s Angels, leggings stayed rooted in the fashion world. In the 1970’s if you’re not sporting flared jeans, you’re strutting your stuff clad in shiny and form-fitting leggings. 

 Still from the movie Grease

The 1980’s

This time was a very interesting decade for fashion: asymmetrical sweatshirts, biker jackets, ripped tights, poof skirts, oversized blazers and of course, leggings. The fashion sense of the time was greatly affected by the raging fitness craze of the 1980’s. This means that workout wear which included the now ubiquitous leggings became an indispensable part of every woman’s daily wardrobe. Leggings were paired with anything: long shirts, mini dresses and skirts and finished off with boots or sneakers. During her Like a Virgin tour, Madonna donned a skirt and black laced capri leggings while performing. 



The popularity of leggings for women waned a bit during the 90’s. But ladies still occasionally wore colorful versions paired with dresses. When flared jeans made a comeback, the interest in leggings seemed to have died down and they were relegated back to being strictly activewear. However, in the mid-2000’s, leggings regained popularity as the cropped version paired under a denim mini skirt became a generation’s fashion statement.  

90s leggings styles

These days, leggings have a cemented place in the fashion fray. There are now a variety of styles and materials to choose from and with the improvement of technology, they have become more comfortable to wear. With so many designs available, getting your desired sporty or casual look while being super comfy shouldn’t be much of a challenge.  

Or is it?

Choosing the Right Pair of Leggings

Online shopping is now more widespread thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. But even before COVID, buying online is already becoming mainstream because it’s convenient and consumers are able to explore more options and find better deals.  

With that said, buying leggings for women online can be rather tough. Different stores offer different sizing and since you can’t physically inspect them, it’s hard to guess the differences between the various materials.  

The following are some simple tips that should help you find the right pair of leggings for you even when shopping online.


    As mentioned previously, most everyone already owns a pair of leggings. If you have one, you can simply measure this and compare the results to the store’s sizing chart to determine the size you need. Simply relying on the size indicated on your own legging’s label/tag is not the best idea since your legging’s Medium might not be the same as the store’s Medium. So lay your pair flat and take the necessary measurements and use that as your guide.

    Alternatively, you can also measure yourself. Most stores have some guidelines or       instructions on how to do this. But generally, start by measuring your waist with a tape measure. Loop the tape around the smallest part of your waist, slightly above or along your belly button. Next, measure your hips. Stand with both of your feet together and wrap the tape around the fullest part of your hips. Then, measure your inseam by running the tape along the inside of your thigh - from your crotch down to below your ankle bone.


    Leggings and yoga pants are commonly interchanged. However, although all yoga pants are leggings, not all leggings are yoga pants. Decide what you’ll be wearing your pair mainly for. Is it mostly for heavy workouts, yoga, light exercises or just casual wear? 

    No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll surely find the right pair for you here at Wired Cat. Our leggings for women are especially designed for working out, but if you’re looking for something to do yoga in, then opt for yoga pants. Our yoga leggings are sewn together with flatlock stitching to ensure that you can stretch and move freely without worrying about them falling apart.


    Opt for a 4-way stretch fabric. Four way stretch simply means that the fabric can stretch in both directions: crosswise and lengthwise. Four-way stretch leggings for women allow for greater freedom of movement and are less restrictive compared to 2-way stretch materials. Additionally, garments made from four-way stretch fabric hold their shape better than two-way stretch.

Wired Cat Leggings for Women

All our leggings are created from a blend of premium polyester and spandex. The ultra soft microfiber fabric with advanced stretch makes every pair a pleasure to wear for any occasion. 

Every design is professionally printed over the material before the garment is carefully sewn together. This ensures that every end product is on par with the high quality we strive to offer our valued customers and that you enjoy functionality, comfort and great style. 

Regular Leggings

Our leggings for women are made with 4-way stretch material which allows you to move freely anyway you need to, without worrying about unwanted accidents. They are perfect for a morning run, your regular exercise routine or for a casual day spent indoors or outdoors.   

Explore various designs that can help you express yourself, your moods, your interests and style with confidence. 

Yoga Pants

As already stated earlier, all yoga pants are leggings, but not all leggings are yoga pants. Because you deserve only the best, our yoga pants for women are thoughtfully designed by yogis. Although our regular leggings are already crafted with 4-way stretch technology and are absolutely squat-proof, we took things further with these leggings that are specifically designed for yoga exercises. 

Our yoga pants have all the great qualities of our regular leggings plus flatlock stitching - so you can bend and stretch your body without limits. The yoga pants' resilient yet comfortable grip smooths and sculpts according to your body shape, which means that you can flow freely from pose to pose without worries. 

Whether you're a beginner or already a master yogini, you'll love the performance, style and comfort that our yoga pants for women can offer. 

Capri Leggings

Designed for comfort and performance, these cropped leggings will be your next favorite year-round piece. The lightweight, breathable material makes it super comfortable to wear. You’ll want to pair it with everything you have in your wardrobe!

These capri leggings for women are made from a high-quality polyester and spandex blend that provides excellent durability and flexibility. The four-way stretch fabric moves with you during any activity – whether it’s yoga, pilates, or just around the home.


Plus Size Leggings

Our plus size leggings for women are crafted from a premium polyester and spandex blend, making them perfect for moments when both style and functionality matter. Our extra-soft microfiber fabric with advanced stretch makes these a pleasure to wear for all occasions. The wide elastic waistband make these perfect for lounging, running or everything in between.